Kelley and Nigel's son Ben


Ben was diagnosed in August 2002 by Dr. Kerr in Preston . He was 6 years old when diagnosed after many years of genetic tests and finally we had a diagnosis.

It helps having a name for the syndrome that Ben is suffering from, but we do not treat him any different now than before.

Ben has a younger sister and brother who are unaffected by Mowat-Wilson syndrome.

Ben attends a special school for children with severe and profound learning difficulties and needs a lot of support at school to keep him focused and to help with his behavior.

Now for the medical info, Ben had Pyloric Stenosis within a few weeks of birth and this was operated on. Ben was referred to a developmental centre when he was 3 years old due to severe delayed development in all areas. When he was 4 years old he started part time at the special school and then a year later went full time.

He is currently under investigation for early onset puberty and possible bowel problems . Ben has epilepsy and is under control at the moment with medication and rescue medication for when he does fit.

He has severe behavioral problems and needs 24 hour supervision.

He will bite himself and other people, spit, push and kick, he can be verbally aggressive and this causes a huge problem at school. He chews everything in sight, rips paper up, breaks any toy you give to him and throws toys at you if he canít get what he wants.

He can verbally speak about 20 single words and uses makaton signs and gestures.

He can walk unaided but is very unsteady and gets tired after a couple of minutes and due to the fact Ben has no concept of danger he needs constant supervision.


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